PCB designing and prototyping:

low-cost PCB designing and prototyping in China:PCP designing and prototyping in China

Matni Tech provides custom-design service for customers who have a product need to be done even with little knowledge about electronic product design. You can just provide us

  • The function requests,
  • final cost,
  • environment used and
  • other corresponding information of your product,

and we can make it out based on your request and provide prototype and design files.


In MATNI TECH we understand the cost consideration for any product in its development stages, thus, we are a famous destination in China for PCB designing and prototyping. Please do not let the word cheap mislead you, by cheap we mean inexpensive price, but still a high quality level of service.

If the designing involves a software programming, our professional engineers are able to develop the program according to the product functionality and usage.

Here is how our PCB designing process goes:

PCB designing process
Project designing process

When the schematic design is ready, the next step is to prototype the PCB. Some customers are already have the designs and the Gerber file, and just want to make a prototype PCB assembly.

Full Turn-Key circuit board assembly is our primary function, even at the prototype level. We have engaged expert engineers and formulated effective guidelines for each step of the PCB manufacturing process so our customers can benefit from our:

  • PCB prototyping,
  • parts sourcing,
  • and PCB assembly services.

Additionally, we offer a partial Turn-Key service that gives us the ability to assemble component kits as per the client’s specification.

We have specialized experts to deliver fast-turnaround, prototype circuit board assembly with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mixed-technology components. Our efficient and rapid prototyping service team can assemble circuit boards in as little as 48 hours.