PCB Assembly:

Matni Tech is your reliable partner for PCB assembly in China:PCB Assembly in China PCBA

We are capable of providing full turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services in China for customers around the world.

For full turn-key, we take care of the entire process, including:

  • preparation of Printed Circuit Boards,
  • procurement of components,
  • continuous monitoring of quality
  • final assembly, and
  • After-assembly testing.

Alt: PCB Assembly in China PCBA

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Whereas for partial turn-key, the customer can provide the PCBs and certain components, and the remaining parts will be handled by us.

For PCB assembly, as for other services, we offer competitive pricing, professional service and support and outstanding delivery times. We achieve this because we are the manufacturing company.

Our PCB Assembly capabilities are:

  • Type of assembly: Thru-hole technology (THT), Surface-mount technology (SMT), mixed technology.
  • Parts size: as small as
  • Assembly process: leaded process, Lead-free (RoHS)
  • Testing procedures: visual, automated optical inspection (AOI), In-Circuit test (ICT), functional test.

PCBA Process:

PCB assembly in China PCBA
PCB Assembly Process

Our PCBA Equipment:

Our PCB Assembly Equipment is critical to achieve our high quality supply and expedient delivery times. We constantly revise the suitability of our equipment and continually strive to use the latest state of the art Printed Circuit Board Assembly Equipment. Our PCBA equipment is always calibrated and checked for its effectiveness by our stringent quality assurance system.

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