Inspection for electronics:

Avoid costly defects with Matni Tech Inspection services for electronic components and products:Inspection for electronics in China

With its professional and experienced staff, Matni Tech is a trusted and reliable inspection agent in China for electronic components and products. Matni Tech is a leading quality control and compliance service provider in electronics industry in China, and thus, we act as we are the customers’ eyes in the factories in China.

Our Services for Inspection and Monitoring Include:

Pre-shipment Inspection

A pre-shipment inspection is a systematic inspection of units selected randomly from your order. This inspection takes place when 100% of the order is completed to ensure that final details.

For all inspections, Matni Tech uses an international recognized standard ISO ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) for statistically sampling procedure.

The result of inspection depends on comprehensive criteria, such as:

  • Functionality of product
  • Performance
  • Appearance
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Labeling and par code
  • Quantity
  • Packaging and packing

Production monitoring:

Production monitoring puts an inspector on site during the whole production process, representing the client interests to insure production, materials, quality and schedule are at the level that has been initially agreed on.

For all inspections, Matni Tech uses an internationally recognized standard ISO ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) for statistical sampling procedure.

Initial production check:

Initial production check is performed before 5% of production has been completed to ensure specifications are understood and prevent any potential flaws in production.

Pre-production inspection:

Take place when raw materials have been acquired. Pre-production inspection allows for corrections and improvements before mass production begins. In this inspection we check:

  • Components
  • PCB
  • Wires & cables
  • Materials
  • Quantity and quality of raw material
  • Suggest any lab testing on equipment/ components.

Factory audit:

Our qualified auditor independently assesses everything from production capacity and quality control system to staff facilities and working conditions.

Factory audit insures:

  • The legal situation for the factory
  • Machinery is suitable to manufacture your product
  • Factory management is competent
  • The factory deals with only quality vendors
  • Finished product will be stored safely
  • Production will start and finish on time


Our Ethical and Professional Standards

Matni Tech commits to ethical and professional standards, and considers them essential parts of its managerial philosophy and organizational culture.

To view our ethical and professional standards summery please click here(pdf).