About Matni Tech:

Your reliable China-based partner for electronics supplies

Matni Tech Co. Ltd. is a China-based supplier for electronic components and PCB assembly with over 30 years experience.

Located in Shenzhen City, the heart of technology in China, Matni Tech is now a global leading company in the electronics industry, specialized in

Shenzhen City, the heart of technology in China
Shenzhen City, the heart of technology in China
  • electronic parts/components distributing,
  • and electronic manufacturing services (EMS).


We have developed strategic partnerships with many customers all over the world and built trusty and friendly relationships with them. We are dedicated to %100 of customer satisfaction, and believe that B2B relation is a long-term partnership rather than a short-term “customership”.

Our customers are:

  • Manufacturers who outsource their supplies of electronic components and/or electronic manufacturing services from China.
  • Wholesalers who import electronic components and product from China market.

What we can offer…?

  • High quality electronic components sourcing
  • Obsolete electronic components searching
  • PCB designing, prototyping and manufacturing.
  • PCB assembling
  • BOM analyzing and cost reduction
  • Quality check and inspection

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Why us…?

Buying electronic components and manufacturing services from China can be a risky task especially for overseas buyer, but with Matni Tech you can be sure that you are getting the best compensation of: Quality, Cost, and Time. In Matni Tech we understand your production goals and challenges, and we have the tools and expertise to develop solutions that are exclusive to your supply chain in order to save you time and money.Matni Tech

  • In-depth industry expertise with Over 30 years experience
  • Professional, well-trained team of engineering, purchasing, and sales staff.
  • Time warranty and after-sale support.
  • Small orders support
  • Convenient shipping and paying methods


MATNI TECH has the resources and staff in place to be your true and full service supply chain partner, and take pride in our quality product, efficiency and ability to help our customers become more successful.


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Operation Manager
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QC Engineer












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