Electronic Components Sourcing:

A reliable China-based supplier of electronic components for many factories and wholesaler all over the world:

As an electronic components/parts distributor in China, Matni Tech delivers one stop global sourcing to the electronic component buyers; supplying production quantity, highly allocated, and obsolete electronic components.

Buying electronic components from China could involve many risks. The two main problematic risks regarding components are: the components might be fake brands, and the components might be refurbished used parts.

These two above problems are not uncommon when import electronic components from China, and even worse, sometimes it is difficult to visually differentiate between authentic and fake components, and refurbished and new ones.

In Matni Tech we guarantee to our customers that we deliver original and new electronic components to them. Our professional team of engineering and purchasing staff make a thoroughly check to each item we buy to ensure its authenticity. Though, and upon customer request, we can advise our customers about China-made and refurbished components prices and quality level.

PCB from China
Eric Zhang
QC Engineer










Why us….?

Here are 7 reasons made our customers, ESM and OEM factories as well as wholesaler, trust us and became our partners:

  • In-depth industry expertise with over 30 years of electronic components sourcing business
  • In-house technical support by technical-skilled and procurement-experienced staff dedicated to test items and ensure optimum performance, and to quickly solve any problems might face our customers.
  • Cost Reduction Program (CRP) to help our customer to reduce components’ cost and increase their profitability.
  • Rapid response to any inquiry. 30 Minute Response to Urgent Telephone Enquiries.
  • Accurate order execution process.
  • On-time delivery and prompt shipment confirmation