Electronic Components Sourcing

Electronics components Sourcing

Electronic Components Sourcing: A reliable China-based supplier of electronic components for many factories and wholesaler all over the world: As an electronic components/parts distributor in China, Matni Tech delivers one stop global sourcing to the electronic component buyers; supplying production

PCB & PCB Assembly

PCB & PCBA services: A one-stop China based electronic manufacturer for PCB and PCB assembly: With expertise in printed circuit boards (PCB) and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), Matni Tech has grown to become a one-stop electronic contract manufacturer for complete PCB


Inspection for Electronics

Inspection for electronics: Avoid costly defects with Matni Tech Inspection services for electronic components and products: With its professional and experienced staff, Matni Tech is a trusted and reliable inspection agent in China for electronic components and products. Matni Tech is a

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